Friday, August 18, 2006

Create eye catching flyers to help you sell, rent, or lease your houses

One of the many techniques to market your house for sale, lease or rent is to use flyers.  You can post flyers in Laundromats, bulletin boards in community centers, or large apartment complexes, or just about any high traffic area around your property.  And creating an attractive flyer can help draw attention to it and generate greater responses.

I was asked by one of my customers that is using RealProspect if I knew of a “simple” program that they could use to create flyers to put in the take one tubes in front of the houses that they are selling.  Well, I tend to use programs that are much more advanced to do this type of stuff, so I did a quick Google search and I found a great program that was developed by HP (Hewlett Packard).

As it turns out, Hewlett Packard has an interest in providing people with the resources to burn up more toner cartridges… and they have created a flyer making program for real estate professionals.

They call the software “The HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant” and it sells on their site for $79.  With it is included a group of templates for quickly creating a flyer for just about any of your real estate needs.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to creating more effective flyers to help you sell, lease or rent out your properties, then this is the deal for you.  Click here to go to the HP website to learn more about this software.  If for some reason the page doesn’t load properly, then just go to the HP website at and enter the term “Real Estate Flyers” in the search box on their home page.


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