Saturday, July 28, 2007

Real estate direct mail marketing for creative real estate investors

If you’re like me, then you probable use direct mail marketing as your primary method of advertising to find motivated sellers.  I have had great success with this as my primary marketing method, and to be honest… I could use this alone and buy enough houses to keep me busy.

I’m often asked by RealProspect users if I have any letter templates available for them, and up until this point I had to say unfortunately, no.  I have a few letters that I had written and tested for my specific investing strategy that I’m not sure would work anywhere else, so I wasn’t comfortable with making promises with them.  And I haven’t had time to create a series of letters and test them to make sure they work because I’ve been so busy developing RealProspect and supporting my customers.

But, I was recently contacted by one of my customers who has been using RealProspect for about three years now, and he told me that he created a set of letter templates that he has been using and tested, and is now offering for others to benefit from as well.  He created a whole series of letter templates for just about any investing strategy to locate motivated sellers.

If you want to get your direct mail marketing cranked up, and not have to waste your valuable time hacking away at your keyboard trying to create the perfect letter… then I highly recommend you take a minute to check these out by clicking the link below:

The REIM Real Estate Investor Marketing Letter Series

And if you’re a RealProspect user, he has provided a quick import utility so you can easily import the REIM templates into RealProspect in a few quick clicks so you don’t have to monkey around with copy and pasting!


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