Friday, April 13, 2007

Get Real... Real Estate Investing for the Rest of Us!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lynn and Jusdon Voss, the editors and owners of a great online resource for real estate investors. Their website provides weekly podcasts where they talk about what’s going on in their investing business as well as others that they invite on the show.  And its great because it’s a FREE resource!

Lynn and Judson do a great job of putting their information in a format that you can listen to on your computer, or download into your ipod and take it with you.  The information covers anything from investment strategies to helpful tools and resources that they have discovered, and they have special guests come onto the show to talk about some of the things they are using to create success in their investing businesses.

I was honored to have been invited onto their show to talk a little bit about my RealProspect software. They had been using it and thought it was a great tool and wanted to let all their listeners know about it.  So if you are interested in hearing that interview, visit their website and keep a lookout for when they publish it. 

To sign up to receive their podcasts or listed to any of their past shows, visit their site at:

I think this is just another great resource available for real estate investors at any level of the game, so check it out!


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