Saturday, August 19, 2006

The new version of RealProspect is available for download!

After many months of hard work, the latest version of RealProspect (prospecting software for real estate investors) version 2.1 is available for download.  Over the past year since the initial release of the software, I have been collecting requests from all of my customers for improvements to the program.  As a result I have compiled a list of all the features and improvements that we felt would benefit everyone, and now have added them ALL to the latest version.

One of the major new additions is the automatic mailing campaign feature.  This feature allows you to setup your multi-step mailing campaigns into the program, then assign the letter templates that you are going to mail merge and print for the prospects in each campaign step, and then the campaign manager will automatically process the mailings in the order that you have defined. 

So for example, if you imported 10 prospect records, and you have a 3 step mailing campaign that sends a letter or post card every 5 days, then all 10 prospects will be automatically scheduled to receive the first mailing, and then be scheduled to receive the second mailing in 5 days, and so on.

Now, let’s say two days after you sent out your first mailing to those 10 prospects, you go and import another 10 new prospect records.  Well, these prospects will be automatically scheduled for the first mailing, and then be automatically scheduled to receive the second mailing 5 days after that.  Now these to groups of prospects will be independently tracked to ensure that your mailings are sent to them in the appropriate time frames, and to avoid mixing them up and accidentally sending a letter to a prospect twice.

This is a huge time saver.  With this process, you can easily manage your mailing campaigns without worrying that you are sending the same letter to a prospect more than once, or in the wrong order.  If you receive your mailing list on a weekly basis, then all you have to do is import your list, and the campaign manager will automatically begin to track the process of scheduling your mailings.  And if you are targeting several types of prospects, then you can create a category for each prospect type, and then create separate campaigns for them.  You can essentially have as many campaigns running as you need to keep your direct mail marketing organized and running efficiently.

And another great advantage is, when you have completed sending all your mailing pieces to a prospect and have not received a response, you can just set them as inactive.  Now if you get another list with their name on it, RealProspect will not import this record so you can be sure that you are not wasting postage, or irritating people by sending another series of letters to the same prospects.

Aside from this killer new feature, there have been many great new updates.  Entirely too many to list here, but if you are interested in learning more about this program, click here to view the software information.   


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