Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Outsourcing your direct mail marketing...

Here is an excellent service that you can use to outsource your larger direct mailings. You may have already heard about it, but I think it’s a great resource and wanted to let everyone know about them just in case.

The service is called Click2Mail, and they are a mail printing and processing fulfillment house that handles all the actual printing, addressing, stuffing and mailing of large mailings.

This may not work for you if you hand address your mailings (which I would highly recommend), but if you are using post cards... this is a HUGE time and money saver.

You can download templates from their website that you can open in Word and then design your post card, or letters if you want them to do that.  Then you can upload your mailing list to them and they will print it out and process it for you.

You can integrate this with RealProspect also.  If you are using the mailing campaign management feature in RealProspect, then when any mailings need to be printed you can export those prospects to a CSV file and upload to Click2Mail and have them process your mailing.

It’s probably not that effective for your every day follow-ups, or small mailings, but if you are going to send 50 or more at a time, then this is a really great service to look into.

Check it out:

Here is a link to the online demo on their website:

Perhaps it will work for you?


At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Sasha Mieltic said...

...Seems very easy. I just may give them a try. THANKS!!!



At 12:38 PM, Blogger John Davidson said...

Anyone used the USPS postcards? Also, I have a template set up on VistaPrint.com that was easy to use but I didn't try it yet. Anyone compared the options?


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